Request for Expression of Interest, Transit Service App (Southwest Community Transit)

  • 30 Dec 2020 6:55 PM
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    Karen Cameron (Administrator)

    December 6, 2020

    Request for Expression of Interest, Transit Service App

    SCOR EDC (South Central Ontario Region Economic Development Corporation), on behalf of its Municipal Partners of the Southwest Community Transit Association (SCT) are seeking Expressions of Interest from technology service providers for a mobile app to assist with Inter Community Transit services.

    We are seeking an app that has the following capabilities:

    • Ability to provide on demand or demand response dispatching of transit vehicles based on set routing and scheduling. For example, the bus will be in this community at this time and potential passengers can request a pickup or drop off at a series of predetermined stop locations within that community.
    • Communication with riders to confirm the bus is on time for the pickup or drop off, either through use of GPS technology or communication with the rider through the app in a rural operating environment
    • Statistical data collection of passenger pickup and drop off locations to assist with operational planning and agency reporting
    • Mobile ticket payment or mobile payment options for passengers using each members fare structure and allowing for transfers
    • Data stored in secured servers located in Canada

    The partnership would also entertain submissions from proponents interested in the larger research aspect of rural transportation. This could include but would not be limited to post-secondary partnerships and collaborations, private-public partnerships, innovation and technology incubators and innovation centres.

    The majority of members of the Southwest Community Transit Association are providing Inter Community Transit service through a third party transit operator with funding provided by the Province of Ontario. Additional information on each member and the service areas they operate can be found at As a collective group, there are twelve, twenty passenger transit vehicles operating within the entire service area. Ridership varies from one ride per hour to twelve riders per hour. The number of transit vehicles will vary with the number of Municipal partners participating in this Request for Expression of Interest.

    Written Expressions of Interest need to be submitted by 4:00pm local time January 27, 2021 to SCOR EDC. The submission should be identified by SCT REO in the subject line. In addition to listing the capabilities of the service provider, options on pricing models need to be included. Pricing models need to be flexible to allow each member to be able to opt in or opt out of the service, plus allow the capability of permitting the transit service provider contractor or the Municipality exclusive use and access to the app. The members of the SCT will review each Expression of Interest and may contact vendors to obtain additional information or request a presentation on their services.

    Proponents submitting an expression of interest acknowledge that any submission shall become a record belonging to SCOR EDC and therefore is subject to the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, R.S.O. 1990, c M.56, as amended. (MFIPPA). MFIPPA provides that an individual, businesses and other organizations have a legal right to request records held by the corporation, subject to specific limitations. The proponent should be aware that it is possible that any records provided to the corporation, including but not limited to, pricing, technical specifications, drawings, plans, audio visual materials or information about staff, parties to the bid or suppliers could be requested under this law. If the bidder believes that all or part of the bid should be protected from release, the relevant parts should be clearly marked as confidential. Please note that this will not automatically protect the submission from release, but it will assist the Town in making a determination on release if a request is made. The corporation will use its best efforts not to disclose any information so marked confidential but shall not be liable to a Proponent where information is disclosed by virtue of an order of the Privacy Commissioner or otherwise as required by law.

    Questions about the Request for Expression of Interest shall be directed to Alex Piggott, Transit Coordinator at or 519-688-3009 ext 4470 before 4:00pm local time January 21, 2021

    Click HERE for the REI in PDF

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